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Golang script to pull bandwidth usage from digiweb

I wrote the following script to pull broadband usage form digiweb.

Its fairly hilarious that digiweb are so badly organized.
They are still using smart telecom forums for customers to access pertinent data.
Furthermore the connection is http rather than https.

Here’s to passing un-encrypted passwords over the wire! 🙂

Digiweb figures are exactly 10% more that what DD-WRT reports. Interesting observation 😉

Enjoy 😉

Golang DD-WRT Bandwidth Usage with Conky

I setup a golang script to fetch the DD-WRT bandwidth usage for the previous 2 months, as well as the last 30 days(rolling).
Using conky then i can display it on my desktop.
My ISP (digiweb), don’t provide any means to check your bandwidth.
Picture at end of post 🙂

Golang DD-WRT script

Conky script Integration