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Android Digiweb App

For the first time in 5 years i banged out an android app, and here it is Digiweb broadband usage indicator.
It fetches your broadband usage and displays it as a widget on home screen. Fairly basic, but does the job nicely.


Android AppWidget TableLayout

As most developers have found out, appwidgets break the normal rules when it comes to widget development.
Due to the abstract class ( appwidgetProvider ) and the updating through RemoteViews

You’re quite limited in the use of the different layout controls that are available.
namely :

  • FrameLayout
  • LinearLayout
  • RelativeLayout

So how do we get a table layout, that automatically expands or fills the available space?

The answer is clever use of of the weight attributes of linearLayout and the children components.
Here is an example of a timetable.

9 – 6 / Mon – friday.

Note* i have an image up the top right, you may wont to replace this with something else!

Scroll to the end for an example on how to loop through the cells

And just in case your wondering how you can easily loop through them

Android Custom Toast View from Service

Android documentation is something to be desired ;).

Given the following tutorial on creating Custom Toast Notifications.
Toast Notifications

They neglect to say how to do it from a service!

Konane MiniMax Algorythm

As part of intelligent systems i wrote a minimax algorithm

Here my implementation

Note* I’ve already submitted this, wouldn’t recommend you pawn it off as your own!

This report explains the implementation


As part of my Computer Systems Course In The university of Limerick we are required to write a robot for the Robocode competition

My advanced robot for my peronsal submital


Reefer (java)