Android/IOS AYC Booking apps

Long over due updates and posts to!  I’ve been working on ashtanga yoga cork ios and google apps



Raspberry pi DoorPi

I’ve written a door pi software that not only controls

  • Intercom door open function on buzzer detection
  • Kasa Smart sockets  (to control heaters)
  • Infrared smart hoover (coredy R500)

But I’m also working on pulse width modulated audio to play audio file down the line to the person at the intercom.   Actually i have it done, just need to push the PCM code once i have sorted the audio amplification.


Modern HTML5/CSS3 CV


If you are looking for a modern print compatible (print to pdf) HTML5/CSS3 template, consider:

Might be just what you are looking for if you are tired with working with office documents for your CV


PHP Binance API

I’ve been spending some time helping out the the PHP Binance API over on github – php binance.

check back in soon, i’ll be releasing a containerized PHP bot for currency trading 🙂

For now you can get started with the API



PHP Binance API

WordPress booking system (

I’ve been working on a wordpress booking system, and its currently live on

Check it out, let me know what you think!