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Seedbox autoupload to google drive with rclone

If you are an avid seedbox user, here is another option for automatic uploads to google drive.
There are many ways of achieving this, including a cronjob.
I like this option, as it only runs rclone when a torrent completes.

Using inotifywait to watch for file system events, we look out for primarily the ‘move’ event.
When your torrent completes, it moves the completed torrent into the completed folder.
When this event takes place, when then execute

Setup rclone and scripts

Permissions and PATH

Once you have setup the 3 scripts, make them executable


If ~/bin is not in your path, then add it and reload your shell

Edit Path

Finally you run the main script in a cronjob

Finalize and run in the background

Screen session

You can read more about inotifywait and rclone here

Bordgais Energy Charts

Work in progress. script available soon including gas bills.

Distributed FFMPEG using Google App Engine

I’ve developed a distributed ffmpeg google app engine solution.

The solution uses a combination of publish subscribe and redis queues for distributed communication.

Its composed of 2 services which scale horizontally (default and worker).

Coordinator (default service and human interface)


Android Digiweb App

For the first time in 5 years i banged out an android app, and here it is Digiweb broadband usage indicator.
It fetches your broadband usage and displays it as a widget on home screen. Fairly basic, but does the job nicely.


PyGTK Threaded Nautilus Filebot

As a heavy user of Nautilus and Filebot, i decided to integrate the two.
Following on from my previous article on column providers for nautilus, here as the additional functionality for nautilus filebot integration.
Its a basic threaded extension; for the most basic and most used operation, “Strict file renaming”.

It solves 95% of my usage scenarios. To find out how to use the code, see the article


FileBot Nautilus

The code