Android AIB Internet Banking

Download : Due to legal letters from respective companies,
I can’t distribute these applications. ( insert smart remark here, 🙂 )

The latest of my android application development. AIB Internet Banking mobile android solution.
I’ve no doubt people are going to start going crazy about security and what not.
Buts its a proof of concept, hopefully, either the bank will take it off me or they will finally develop there own.
A little push!

All android apps are developed for educational purposes, absolutely no warranty provided, nor liabilities accepted by me.

All Trademark names and images are copyright of their respective owners


  • Statements
  • Payees
  • Statement logs
  • Quick pay
  • More …

Unknown Sources

menu > settings > applications


2 Responses to Android AIB Internet Banking

  1. abel says:

    hi there…fan of your work…. i was preparing my project on android banking almost 80% done …i was wondering if i can have your source code especially if it has php and mysql back end!!!

  2. Dave says:

    there is no PHP and mysql backend. The app(java) talks directly to the AIB website using normal http requests. Same as when you click on things on a website.

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